The truth about occultism

If you are on this blog, it’s probably because you have heard the word ‘Occultism’ and it interests you. This is a word that evokes mystery, a lot of curiosity, and even for some, fear. It’s normal to feel fear or rejection of the unknown; it’s part of being human and a fundamental point in our evolution. What you may not know is that all this subject of occultism was not always taboo for society. At one point, these arts and practices were respected and taken seriously by people.

Many claim that this respect and seriousness given to occultism were due to the ignorance that society presented in the past, and there may be some truth in this. But something undeniable in any human life is that we will always be ignorant in some aspect of our existence. Ignorance gives us the fervent desire to know and understand, and just like in those past times, today occultism is nothing more than those practices and knowledge that allow us to understand and discern much more than what we can perceive with our limited human senses.

The history of occultism is impressive and extensive. These practices date back even to ancient Egypt, where in the mystery schools, philosophers delved into the true power of the human being, our purpose in the universe, and everything we do not know and ignore. Thanks to occultism, humanity has approached the mysteries of the universe like no other conventional science has been able to do.

With the passage of time, occultism has been ridiculed and demonized in many aspects, but in others, it has been a symbol of wisdom, deep understanding, and hidden divinity. Nowadays, even some theories that occultists knew for millennia have been scientifically proven.

However, when we study history, this absurd pattern repeats itself over and over again: Humanity ridicules, points fingers, and demonizes everything it is unable to understand. But when it gets closer and closer to the undeniable reality, being proven multiple times, that’s when it accepts its mistake.

Occultism refers to all those practices that were demonized by the Catholic Church at that time because the church didn’t want people to think, experiment, and know for themselves. That’s why they even killed millions of people in the Holy Inquisition over almost three hundred years, just for thinking differently or contradicting what a handful of mere human beings with political power desired.

In ancient times, many people died at the hands of these monarchs with political and religious power, defending a true ideal about what they believed in. Many innocents were also accused of practicing witchcraft and were burned alive without the right to defend themselves, simply because someone decided it.

Imagine loving plants, studying them in-depth, and discovering that among them exists a hidden world where they interconnect and communicate. This is something that is known and proven today, but in the past, many people died defending these ideas, being labeled as pagans, witches, and even servants of the devil. And just like this small example, many other philosophical lines of thought, such as alchemy, also suffered attempts to be suppressed by the terrible Catholic force of that time.

Today, we should only think about how fortunate we are to have been born in this era where we have complete freedom to love, experiment, and practice all those customs, ideas, and physical procedures that our ancestors, lovers of the secrets of the universe, had to hide to survive.



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